BEGINNERS – 4 days

It is not necessary to have any previous experience or knowledge of paragliding, only an enthusiasm and motivation to enter into the wonderful world of free flight.

Our teaching methods are based on the primary use of a towing mechanism and/or tandem flights depending on the beginner needs. The towing system is able to lift you with total security and surprisingly little effort on your part. You will be lifted between 5 and 150 meters from the ground. You will learn to take off and land with total security. As an added security feature we use a very big field (10 ha). The tandem flight method will allow the instructor to give personalized instructions during the flight.
When you finish the initial learning phase, you will then progress to a few flights from the top of premier mountain the “Montsec de Ares”, which is between 400 and 1000 meters, depending on the take off area that we will use. Your flights will be supervised by very experienced instructors. One instructor will be at the take off with you and another one will be at the landing field to help talk you to land. You will be always in contact by radio with them. They will constantly take care of you and they will tell you the best way to approach and land safely.
In-between the practical outdoor classes you will have theoretical classes that will complement the practical formation.
The objective of this course is that, you the student learn the basics of paragliding flight. Afterwards you will continue your progress by doing the advanced courses, that will allow you to fly unsupervised.


Who can do it?

Any independent person that has a will to take their first steps into the fantastic world of free flight.


To obtain a level of skill (basic pilot) that will allow you to do altitude flights assisted by an instructor (via a radio link).

How long is the course?

The course will take  between 4 to 6 days, depending on the weather conditions.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to do the course?

It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of flight, only the will to do it. Even if it is not very physical a good physical condition is a benefit.
The minimum age to do the course is 14 years. A parental authorization is required if you are under 18.


What is included in the course?

  • Theoretical and practical training appropriate to a beginner’s level.
  • Flights between 10 and 1000 meters.
  • An approved, beginner wing, harness, helmet and radio during the course.
  • Between 4-6 flights from the mountain, flights with the winch and/or tandem flights
  • A log book, where you will record all your flights.
  • Transport to and from the practice fields and all take offs.

Course time schedule:

Paragliding is very weather dependent especially in the beginner stages. The practice sessions are done early in the morning when it is calmer. We will then restart later in the afternoon and run till dusk. We need calm and light winds to help you with handling of the wing. We avoid stronger winds that will make it difficult for you to control the glider. In the middle of the day after lunch, we will do theoretical sessions, where you will learn more about the different aspects of flight, thus helping you understand how the wing flies and better control.

First day 


You will start on our school training slope. It is a massive field that has a gentle slope that will help you during your first flights.
We will introduce you to the different material including your wing, its basic construction and how it all fits together. Then also your harness and its basic function.
Then how to prepare the equipment to flight. You will learn how to inflate and control the wing in light conditions (very little wind). You will inflate the wing from the ground and with guidance and instruction learn the necessary skills to control it. This is very essential part of the training as it will assist in a safe take off. Once inflated you will run with the wing down the gentle slope to gain an understanding of the handling and control turns via input to the brakes. You will also learn how to stop the glider safely.

Second day

Towing method:

Low altitude flights (between 5 and 50metres): This will be possible due to the help of the tow or winch that lifts you gently. We will practice take off, taking note of the angle of the paraglider and then land softly in the same field that we took off from. You the student will always be in radio contact with the instructor who will be providing instructions to you them all the time.


Medium altitude flights (up to 150 m.): Assisted by the a winch. In these flights you will get a real feel to flight with the ground not too far below you. You will learn to take off, and how to approach, and then how to land. At the end of the day we will be able to take off from the top of our local mountain!

Tandem flights: The beginner will practice turns, approach to the field and landings with the instructor. During the flight the instructor will be able to correct the beginner and give him feedback.

Third day – Fourth day

You will experience more Mountain flights (from 450 to 1000 meters.). We use our van to go to the best take off. An instructor will be there to assist for the take off, in flight and during the landing. You will inflate your glider, get it under control, and run and… fly!!

You will finally see the fruits of your hard labour as you soar like a bird over the ground at about 1000m. A few helpful words from the instructors will allow you to do a perfect approach and landing.
If it is possible, you will do a minimum of 4 – 6 mountain flights, based on the weather. If the weather is bad we do an extra day. The teaching is very personalized, taking into effect the skill of the student. In many cases the course can be longer.

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