Paramotor Courses


To take off with a wing we need a slope with a sufficient height. The duration of the flight depends on take off height, the weather conditions and our pilot skill level.

If we want to fly our wing without a conventional take off (like in the flat lands), we can add an engine with a propeller attached to our harness that allow us to take off on a flatland and fly where was impossible without an auxiliary engine: It is a paramotor. Thanks to it we can fly approx. 2 hours, flying at low heights, doing things that were impossible with the non motorized paragliding.


You need to do first paragliding beginners course.



Acquire the needed level to fly with a motorized wing.

What includes the course?

Ground practices, take off, fly and landing training.


  • You have to have your own glide and flight equipment.
  • Paramotor can be yours or one of the school.

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